Hello CSChE,

1) Just a reminder that the Systems & Control division Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Linden Room of Sheraton in Toronto at 5:40pm on Monday October 29. This will be the same room as the Systems and Control session Data Science II, and so most folks can just stay in the room after the last talk. Please email me (tadams@mcmaster.ca) if you want something to be discussed in the meeting. Agenda is below.

2) The S&C conference organizers (Will Cluett, Michel Perrier, Simant Upreti, and Ana Torres )have done a great job this year of recruiting top talent to the conference as featured or keynote speakers. For those of you that cannot make it, the sessions will be recorded and posted on our website (syscon.mcmaster.ca). Thank you to the journal Processes for sponsoring our section this year to help pay for the AV services to make this possible!

3) The S&C conference organizers are also running a special issue in Processes in conjunction with the conference called Process Systems Engineering à la Canada (https://www.mdpi.com/journal/processes/special_issues/process_system). Even if you are not presenting at the conference, you are welcome to submit to this special issue.



1. Introduction

2. Treasury Report

3. President’s Report

–> Membership

–> Current Project: The Living Archive for Process Systems Engineering

–> New Journal Partnerships

–> Journal Special Issue on research in our division

4. Other business arising


Tom Adams

Chair, S&C Division, CSChE