We are pleased to announce the Best in Session Awards given to the best graduate student presentations in each of the S&C sessions at the CSChE conference this week. The winners are chosen by the chairs of each session. Congratulations!


Modelling and Optimization of Biodegradation of Naphthenic Acids in Oil Sands Processed Water
Thirumalaivasan S., Balaberda A., Ulrich A., Prasad V.


A Robust Multivriate Fault Detection Scheme for Process Monitoring
Rashidi B., Zhao Q., Meenakshi S., Saha S.

Optimal Crystal Size Control through a Plug Flow Crystallizer Configured with Recycle
Xu X., Yuan Y., Dubljevic S.


Using Normal Probability Plots to Determine Parameters for Higher Level Full Factorial Experiments with Orthogonal and Orthonormal Bases
Donnelly T., Shardt Y.A.W.


Discretization and Global Optimization for the Multiperiod Pooling Problem
Cheng X., Li X.

Strategic Planning of SAGD Reservoir Development under Uncertainty
Motamed Nasab F., Shahandeh H., Li Z.


Two-Stage Adaptive Stochastic Optimization: A Computational Study on Decision Rule Based Methods
Rahal S., Li Z


Adaptive Output Regulation of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Wang M., M. Guay

Optimal Operation and Control Policy of a Solar-Thermal District Heating System
Xu X., Yuan Y., Dubljevic S.