We’re looking forward to a great session this year at CSChE! Our Keynote speaker this year is Stratos Pistikopoulos, Texas A & M University, USA

Suggested topics include:

  • Systems and Control Applications: (novel applications of process control techniques in chemical engineering systems; industrial implementations; applications to unconventional systems with unique challenges)
  • Modeling and Control of Energy Systems: (modeling; control and design of energy systems)
  • Systems and Process Design: (process/product design and analysis; novel theories and applications; innovative design strategies; process intensification by integration; incorporation of control or environmental considerations into the design process; non-traditional process design problems)
  • Process Optimization and Predictive Control: (theory; algorithms and software for all classes of optimization and predictive control problems; applications between theory and practice)
  • Applied Statistical Methods: (data driven approaches to process modeling; monitoring and identification; and statistical process control)
  • Advances in Systems and Control: (novel theoretical developments and applications of systems and control)
  • Planning; Scheduling and Supply Chain Optimization: (planning and scheduling of manufacturing processes and supply chain optimization; development of the state-of-the-art of supply chain management solutions; challenges faced by the industry)

Don’t forget to submit your abstracts by May 15!